Elo point-of-sale touchmonitors are perfect in applications where cost, rugged design, and flexibility are top criteria. The 1228L features a higher spec panel than many other 12" touch LCDs, plus has internal speakers. With AccuTouch® five-wire resistive touch technology, the most widely used technology for retail applications, Elo POS touchmonitors are proven to survive in harsh conditions. For example, liquid splashing, food and grease on the touchscreen, and aggressive cleaning are typical in convenience stores. The AccuTouch technology handles these conditions better than any other technology, at a competitive price. (Not available in Europe.)

Other features.
  • High brightness panel
  • Built-in speakers located in display head
  • Stable, removable tilt base (VESA compatible option)
  • AccuTouch Five-Wire Resistive Technology with serial interface
  • Touch can be activated with fingernails, gloves, credit cards, or any stylus
  • Sealed touchscreen
  • Digital on-screen display (OSD)
  • Worldwide agency approvals


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