July 2023 Release Notes for Android 10 Elo Devices

Device Version

  • & for I-Series 4 Standard, Backpack 4 Standard, M50, M50C, M60, M60C
  • & for I-Series 4 Value, Backpack 4 Value

On July 19th, 2023, Elo will release a new OS update for its Android 10 devices. This update includes feature enhancements and bug fixes that will improve the performance and usability of these devices. This update will be available for download on the EloView cloud portal as a dropdown OTA and will become the default OTA download on EloView and OEMConfig as of July 26th. Please reach out to your Elo support contact for any additional questions or to request access to a direct download of this update.

New features and enhancements:

  • Added support to 802.1x for ethernet for performance device.
  • Added OS 360 user agreement pop up as part of OS updates from EloHome Application and Android Settings.
  • Added support to change brightness and volume through EloView for value devices powered over ethernet.
  • Added EloView display timer feature support for offline environments.
  • Resolved an issue where GPIO settings changes weren’t persistent after reboots.
  • Resolved an issue where the Z30 stand has a black border when used with I-Series 15 inch.
  • Resolved an issue where the Wi-Fi settings changes made weren’t persistent.
  • Resolved an issue where specific characters on the AOSP keyboard granted access to Android Settings without requiring administrator privileges.
  • Resolved an orientation issue where some devices experienced a switch from Auto rotate to Landscape orientation from a modification applied to G-Sensor.
  • Resolved an issue where some peripheral devices under Peripheral tab of EloView disappear after device reboot when powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Improved access to the latest ANR logs by making it easily available via TeamViewer or File Explorer and saving older logs.
  • Added API support for the following:
    • To make setDisplaySize API case insensitive.
    • To switch between Single and Multi-App mode of EloView.
    • Added GET USB INFO API to provide details of external peripherals connected.
    • Peripheral SDK has been improved to leverage AAR file from previously used JAR file.

We highly recommend updating the Peripheral SDK JAR file to AAR for future Android upgrades. Failure to update will cause applications that leverage that library to crash on launch. As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.