August 2023 Release Notes for Android 12 Elo Devices

Device Version

  • & for I-Series 4 Standard, Backpack 4 Standard, M50, M50C, M60, M60C
  • & for I-Series 4 Value, Backpack 4 Value

On Aug 31st, 2023, Elo will release Android 12 upgrade for its Android 10 devices as part of the OS 360 program. This upgrade includes feature enhancements and bug fixes that will improve the performance and usability of these devices. This update will be available for download as a dropdown OTA on the EloView cloud portal and manual OTA on OEMConfig. Please reach out to your Elo support contact for any additional questions or to request access to a direct download of this update.

This release will have all the standard features that were part of the July Android 10 monthly release with the following exceptions:

  • Resolution for MQTT data transfer failure over LAN when WIFI was prioritized over LAN.
  • Prevention of Elo device reboot when DICC is enabled.
  • Default internet connectivity field in Android settings.
  • Keyboard support for secondary screen.
  • API support to get DHCP server name.
  • API support to set and get the host name of the device EloView Home SDK.

Upgrading your Peripheral SDK JAR file to AAR will be necessary for peripherals to function seamlessly on Android 12 . Failure to update will cause applications that leverage that library to crash on launch. As always, your devices will never prompt for an update or auto-update. Once the update is available, devices can be updated from the EloView Portal or at the device-level from the EloView Control Panel.