June 23, 2015


Professional Touchscreens, Managed with Cloud-based Software, Powered by Customer Content.

Milpitas, California — June 23, 2015 — Elo Touch Solutions (Elo), original inventors of the touchscreen, today introduced the Elo Interactive™ touchscreen digital signage architecture. Elo Interactive matches commercial grade I-Series touchscreen hardware with EloView® software for more secure, cloud-based content delivery and remote device management. Elo makes it easy to connect online and in-store digital marketing campaigns using an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) intelligent system of hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure. Elo Interactive offers the style and engaging digital experience marketing demands with the efficiency and functionality an IT operations team can depend on.

“Elo is making deployment and management of touchscreen digital signage much easier, less expensive, and more secure,” said Craig Witsoe, CEO Elo Touch Solutions. “Integrating online experiences in physical locations for cross-sell / upsell opportunities, endless aisle offerings, loyalty rewards, self-service transactions, point of purchase displays, and product selectors drives a clear, concise and consistent message. Retailers, brand managers, and digital marketing agencies can leverage existing online assets, mobile apps, web content and social media campaigns in-store, next to merchandise, where it is most effective to boost sales.”

Elo I-Series touchscreens are rugged, yet stylish, to help retailers sell more in-store by delivering connected brand experiences. Mobile apps, websites, and other self-service kiosk applications come to life on a digital canvas as big as your imagination. Offered in multiple sizes from 10-inches to 70-inches with VESA mount points, the Elo I-Series provides a scalable, high-performance all-in-one touchcomputing platform with stunning high-definition (HD) graphics. 10-touch capacitive TouchPro® technology delivers smooth and highly responsive multi-user interaction while Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, and 3G/4G connectivity keeps things remotely managed and up to date. Processor and operating system options include Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ quad-core processors running Google Android™; or Intel® Celeron® and Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors running Microsoft® Windows®. The Elo I-Series is easy to deploy and maintain in heavy-use, public environments such as airports, automotive dealerships, healthcare facilities, hotels, museums, office buildings, railway stations, restaurants and stores.

EloView software provides simple device management, easy content delivery, and integration with existing content management systems (CMS). Hardware provisioning, content scheduling, operating times, remote monitoring, unattended updates, and usage analytics are available through the EloView secure web portal interface. Delivering content to hundreds and thousands of remote Elo touchscreens is easy as drag-n-drop to unleash your mobile app from the app store, deploy self-service kiosks, and wrap web experiences.

Elo Interactive is reinventing point of purchase displays to embrace new forms of payment, reward loyalty, and ensure fast service with great looks and some creative innovation. Mobile payments such as Android Pay™, Apple Pay™, Google Wallet™, and Samsung Pay™ are supported through an optional NFC accessory module. Other retail accessories include a barcode scanner and encryptable magnetic strip reader (MSR) in addition to coordinating mounts and stands for floor, shelf, wall, and tabletop installation. Elo Interactive architecture key advantages when compared to consumer televisions or consumer tablets for digital signage applications are:

  • Elo touchscreen hardware can be remotely configured, monitored, scheduled, upgraded and secured
  • Elo touch technology, high performance computing with advanced HD graphics, audio speakers, VESA mount points, and tamper-resistant cable management is built-in rather than bolted-on
  • Elo touchscreen sizes are 25% to 700% larger than a typical consumer tablet to improve visibility
  • Elo professional-grade hardware warranty is 2-3 years rather than consumer-grade 90-days or 1-year
  • Elo commercial availability for 3-6 years rather than consumer availability for 12-18 months

Elo is demonstrating the Elo Interactive architecture at Future Stores 2015, the event for in-store experience innovators, being held 23-25 June 2015 in Seattle, Washington. Pricing and Availability Elo I-Series touchscreens in 10-inch, 15-inch, and 22-inch sizes running Google Android™ are available in 30 days with pricing starting at $649 MSRP list price. EloView software is licensed from Elo under a Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) model on a per-device, per-month basis. A no-charge, 90-day evaluation period is available for an EloView portal account. Live and friendly help is always available from the Elo global customer service centers and Elo’s local networks of experienced resellers. For more information, please visit EloTouch.com.

Elo (logo), Elo Touch Solutions, Elo Interactive, EloView and IntelliTouch are trademarks of Elo Touch Solutions, Inc. and its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Elo intellectual property is protected by a number of patent, trademark and design registrations globally.
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