May 23, 2023

How Elo Mobile Handheld Computers Boost Retail Efficiencies

How Boot Barn Boosted In-Store Efficiency with Elo Mobile Handheld Computers

Boot Barn, a western wear retailer with over 350 stores across the United States, offers an extensive line of western and workwear products. Managing inventory across this vast chain and its distribution centers, particularly given the variety of color and size combinations in hats and boots, is crucial.

John Hazen, the Chief Digital Officer, reported that over 60% of the company’s online orders are processed by a store associate using an Elo handheld device. Due to the success of the "buy online, pick up in store" (BOPIS) and "buy online, return in store" (BORIS) strategies, the company needed a mobile solution for its "We Have It Promise" (WHIP) platform. This platform serves as an endless aisle solution, allowing customers to order products that are not available in-store.

While seeking the best hardware solution, Boot Barn identified several needs: a durable mobile solution to withstand a busy retail environment, easy integration with its existing store tech stack, and a way for employees to clock in without interrupting customer transactions.

The company chose the Elo M50 mobile computer, a decision influenced by its positive experiences with other Elo devices in the store including large format WHIP screens being used as a free-standing endless aisle devices and point-of-sale monitors at the counter. The durability and exceptional customer service played a role in this decision. Over 2,000 Elo M50 handhelds were swiftly rolled out across 350 stores, providing a reliable means for employees to access inventory information and fulfill customer orders from anywhere in the store.

Hazen reports significant positive impacts on Boot Barn's business since implementing the Elo handhelds; add-on sales continue to increase with the use of the Elo handhelds in BOPIS orders. The number of orders processed through the WHIP platform has increased dramatically, thereby improving customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the handhelds have enhanced store associates’ productivity by freeing up registers for customer transactions and reducing wait times.

Boot Barn's decision to utilize the Elo M50 has had a significant impact on its operations. By improving both customer and employee satisfaction, increasing sales, and enhancing the efficiency of customer transactions, Boot Barn demonstrates its commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience and improving employee productivity.