November 29, 2023

Unlocking New Revenue Streams for the Hospitality Industry

Unlocking New Revenue Streams for the Hospitality Industry

In the dynamic landscape of hospitality technology, innovative solutions have emerged to cater to evolving consumer demands for convenience and efficiency. GrabScanGo, a company at the forefront of this transformation, has partnered with Elo to deliver self-service solutions for the hospitality industry. Learn how this game-changing solution is being adopted by some of the largest hospitality brands in the industry.

The Challenge: Transforming Hospitality Service with Technology

The hospitality industry has been confronted with the need to innovate in a world marked by increasing consumer expectations for speed, efficiency, and self-service; combined with labor shortages, the hospitality industry was clamoring for a 24/7 solution that would address both needs.

The Solution: A Game-Changing Partnership with Elo

GrabScanGo identified the challenges the hospitality industry was facing and sought to create a more efficient, convenient, and reliable solution to serve hotel guests around the clock. A GrabScanGo market enables guests to grab their favorite products, scan them using the 2D barcode reader, and pay with their debit/credit card or smartphone, all without any hotel employee interaction. This managed hotel lobby market solution helps hoteliers focus their staff on higher-value activities, generates a new zero-cost revenue stream, and delights guests.

GrabScanGo found the perfect collaborator in Elo, because of its reliable and customizable touchscreen computers. GrabScanGo combined the Elo 22” I-series with the Edge Connect™ 2D barcode scanner, and their custom software, for ease of deployment and speed of purchases. Co-founder Wilfred Martis noted that Elo’s modular design, Android architecture, and accessories enabled GrabScanGo to deploy the solution quickly and easily. In addition, EloView enables GrabScanGo to deploy the software remotely, install a special configuration necessary for a specific location, and manage all devices.

The Hospitality Industry’s Response

It takes so much pressure off my front desk, in regards to selling items, in regards to doing inventory. And our guests love it. General Manager, Four Points
Our GrabScanGo market decision this year has been more beneficial than we had hoped. Not only has our market improved guest satisfaction and profitability, but it uplifts the appearance of our lobby, saves countless hours of labor, and has enhanced our employees’ options for snacks, with the employee discount. General Manager, Crowne Plaza
High quality items that guests really enjoy. User friendly. Frees up your desk agents for their daily customer service, without any pantry interruptions.” General Manager, Holiday Inn Express

Hundreds of hotels have already embraced GrabScanGo, and the range of available amenities continues to expand, promising a bright future for the evolution of the industry. GrabScanGo and Elo's partnership is a game-changer, revolutionizing the hospitality experience with self-service convenience and efficiency.

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