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  • Digital Signage + — Digital Signage + allows you to send content to any screen or surface. Using our platform you can show product marketing videos, social media feeds, urgent news, product promotions and calls to action.
  • Product exploration and endless aisle — Give consumers entry points to your entire catalogue and use smart features to drive conversions and upsells. Using our configurable grid & panorama solution you can better merchandise units as it is completely customizable and can include product data, marketing assets, news and social media channels. It also makes it easier for customers to search through your entire product catalogue to find the right products for them.
  • Immersive Promotions — Deliver exciting new promotions that draw crowds eager to learn more about new products and services. Innovative, high impact visual experience using large format video and 3D content. We can integrate with IOT to use physical products to trigger interactions.
  • Staff Tools Product Wizard — Put powerful merchandising and customer support tools into the hands of staff and store manager. The staff tools product wizard has multiple features that help your sales staff offer brilliant customer service. These include; product finder to match recommendations to customer segments, stock checks and reservations, manages questions from Chatbot that need human response and manages bided advertising and promotions.
  • Small Smart Store — We've created a series of digital tools that allow customers to easily explore your entire product range in ways not previously possible within small stores - meeting the need for every day, hassle-free shopping.

Connected Retail

Connected Retail make enterprise software to enable next generation consumer experiences in retail stores around the world.

Our cloud-based technology platform delivers immediate value by powering in-store, mobile and staff features. We help brands like adidas, Sephora & Virgin Mobile turn amazing ideas into significant results across their global retail networks, by starting fast and scaling rapidly. We enable any digital consumer experience, on any device anywhere in the world.

Our proven technology platform offers a comprehensive set of digital tools - from backend content management, to digital signage, and to fully immersive digital experiences that engage, inform, entertain and boost revenue. We can transform stores into showcases and service centres, improving customer service while increasing traffic, conversions and upsells.

Connected Retail currently runs consumer experiences in 30 countries, 19 languages and across 1,000s of screens for global brands.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series touchscreen computers
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage
  • Open-frame touchscreen monitors
  • X-Series All-in-One touchscreen computers
  • E-Series All-in-One touchscreen computers
  • PayPoint All-in-One touchscreen computers
  • Touchscreen monitors