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Curbside Laundries provides wash and fold POS systems to hundreds of laundromats across the United States. The company was started by brothers Aaron and Matthew Simmons who operate Super Suds, which is an 8,000 square foot laundromat in Long Beach, California. The brothers knew they needed software designed for laundromats to manage the wash and fold process and laundry pickup and delivery. Point of sale software made for other industries could lead to mixed up orders and missed pickup and deliveries. The Simmons brothers designed software specifically made for laundromats. The laundromat software is in the cloud and new features and capabilities are released on a regular basis. Curbside Laundries provides a complete wash and fold solution for laundromats, which includes an in-store POS system, and a pickup and delivery web app.

Applicable Products:
  • ELO I-Series Windows 2.0, with the integrated credit card reader, and flip stand