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  • A complete, end-to-end, digital signage CMS software platform in Cloud and On-Premise versions.
  • Support for all popular multimedia content formats including HTML5. Content interactivity is fully supported.
  • QL Player for Android OS is an ideal match for Elo Touch digital signage products.


Navori is a world leader in digital signage software development. Our company is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland with offices in America, and the Middle East. Our QL software platform is used to power digital signage solutions worldwide. Navori QL is used in a wide range of applications, such as corporate communications, education, hospitality, hospitals and clinics, arenas and sports venues, government offices, transit and retail.

Applicable Products:
  • 10" - 27" I-series touchscreen computers
  • 32" - 70" Interactive Digital Signage
  • Open-frame touchscreen monitors
  • Touchscreen monitors