Windows XP Embedded Driver Notes

NOTE: For most drivers, a setup file is provided for easy, semi-automated installation. However, in the case of Windows XP Embedded, running the Elo setup.exe file requires extensive knowledge of the system - see the Manual Installation section below.

Normal Installation

The Elo Windows XP Embedded driver is designed to be installed as a component using Microsoft's component designer. Follow the instructions in the Component Usage document included with the unzipped Elo driver files in the Program Files\Elo TouchSystems Inc. folder.

Manual Installation

Although it is possible to install the Elo XP Embedded driver on an existing XP embedded image by launching the elosetup program, this method is not recommended by Microsoft and is not supported by Elo Touch Solutions. Manually installing the driver will require that the system has writable media and a properly set up Enhanced Write Filter (EWF). This manual installation process requires a thorough understanding of the Windows XP embedded development process.


The data retrieved from the touchscreen during the calibration process is stored in the system registry. Embedded devices are typically configured so that the registry is not writable, in which case calibration will not be restored on reboot. To store calibration, the EWF must be configured to allow writes to the system registry - alternatively, persistent memory can be used. In either case, it is the system developer's responsibility to address calibration retention.


"Missing file"
This will only appear when elosetup is run (see warnings in Manual Installation section, above). The file is needed for Microsoft Digital Signature only, and this driver is not digitally signed. To correct this warning message, create a dummy file named (make sure it is in the directory that the system wants).

I don't want Windows Explorer in my build
Delete or move the README.TXT file.
The Explorer component loads to facilitate reading the README.TXT file. If you delete the README.TXT file (or move it out of the Elo Touch Solutions folder), Explorer will not be auto-included in your build.
Another option: You should be given a chance to review the image components before the image is built. Change the MSN Explorer's tag from a plus sign to a minus sign and it should be excluded from the build.