February 20, 2024

Optimize Inventory Management with Endless Aisle for Retail

Optimize Inventory Management with Endless Aisle for Retail

Image of digital signage with store catalog

Are you an enterprise retailer facing challenges in effectively managing your brick-and-mortar store's inventory to meet the growing demands of your customer base? With a fixed amount of space in your physical store, you need to keep inventory costs in check. But today’s customers expect to shop seamlessly — and endlessly — across digital, physical, and mobile. This means maintaining enough stock to manage any influx of orders to keep customers happy.

By implementing endless aisle technology, you can seamlessly integrate the advantages of both physical and online shopping, fortify your omnichannel approach, and optimize inventory management processes.

What is endless aisle?

Endless aisle is the concept of using a flexible digital platform to bring your entire product catalog —without all the products themselves — into the physical store. It can be achieved through a simple, easy-to-use touchscreen kiosk implemented in your store to deliver features like in-depth product info, price checkers, wayfinding, advertising, and customer loyalty.

With endless aisle, when a customer can’t find their size, the right color or the specific item on the rack, all they have to do is go to your endless aisle kiosk, select the item they want and check out. They can also choose to have the item delivered directly to their doorstep or to pick it up at the store.

What do you need to start your endless aisle journey?

  • Touchscreen displays: You need durable, touchscreen displays purpose-built for high-traffic, commercial use. These can include signage and kiosk for customers and mobile devices for employees that you can effortlessly integrate into your environment.
  • Mounting and integration: You not only need to securely mount your touchscreen displays, but also integrate all your POS peripherals, such as payment solutions and barcode scanners, or mobile devices for both ease of use and easy access. The solution can be freestanding, wall-mounted or on the counter to maximize the use of limited space.
  • Software: You will need two different types of software to deploy your endless aisle; catalog management software and device management software. You can select from various catalog management vendors to identify all the features you are looking for in your endless aisle application. To easily deploy and securely manage your fleet of POS systems – and to push mobile apps and responsive websites from any location – you need an appropriate device management platform. Such a platform will enable all your backend systems to communicate with each other to create a seamless customer journey.

The benefits are … endless

  • Endless aisle reduces costs: With no need to stock excess product in the physical store, endless aisle decreases storage and replenishment costs.
  • Endless aisle unlocks revenue: Not only does endless aisle capture more sales by giving in-store customers access to your global inventory, it also never forgets to upsell or cross-sell. Offer shoppers different color options and complimentary items to increase potential sales. Showcase items in different settings so customers can envision where and how they can wear, use or consume your products. And tempt them to add to their shopping basket by showing how other customers have combined products.
  • Endless aisle delivers the ultimate omnichannel experience: With unified endless aisle technology, your backend systems communicate with each other. This way, whether your customers are buying online or in store, all your channels and touchpoints will feel seamlessly connected. The result? A frictionless, more enjoyable customer experience leading to greater sales.

Expand your boundaries and revenue

Endless aisle enables you to expand beyond the confines of your physical space, opening a new world of possibility and profit. With lower stock costs and fewer inventory limitations, a larger product choice for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increased upselling and cross selling, now is the time to follow the endless aisle toward higher profits.


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